About MySprint

MySprint is the first field test that uses an App to measure sprints. Only with your iPhone, you will be able to measure a lot of data, such as F-V Profile, time splits in 30 or 40 meters run, and others.

The App uses the internal camera of the iPhone, wich can record videos at 240 fps. This high speed framerate allows MySprint to be completely valid to measure the split marks in a 30 or 40 m run and calculate all the variables.

Also, you have great functions like exporting all data and graphics to a .CSV file. It creates the possibility to improve your sprint trainings or research, and become more efficient.

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Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

240 Hz*

Don't miss nothing in your sprint with the incredible high speed framerate of the iPhone (*iPhone 6 or higher).

High-Speed Recording

Why is it neccesary? When you have a 25 fps standard camera, your videos has 25 photos every one second, and you will probably lose the moment when your hip pass the different marks. With 240 photos every one second, that is not a problem at all.


It's very important to set the marks correctly. For that, we took advantage of the zoom system in the iPhone.

Easy marks' adjustment

As if there was not enough precision with 240 fps, the iPhone allows you to zoom in using three fingers. See the exact moment when the hip is passing the split marks.

Data & Graphics

Set your user's data (name, age, weight, height, and club) and calculate parameters like Force, Velocity, Power, F-V...

High quality analysis

MySprint allows you to see directly on the field all the parameters. No computers, no expensive systems. Only your iPhone. See all the graphics and compare them for endless times and users. Or export to a .CSV file if you want.

We Make It Easier

Scientifically Validated!

Power-Force-Velocity profile is an innovative, simple field test to measure the individual sprint mechanical outputs (force, velocity, power, effectiveness) of athletes. It was developed and validated by Dr. Samozino and Pr. Morin, and it is currently being used by elite athletes, coaches and researchers around the world. MySprint has its scientific basis on this simple method.


Pedro Jiménez-Reyes

Catholic University of San Antonio (UCAM), Murcia.

ResearchGate Profile

Other members of the workteam: Natalia Romero-Franco (@NRomeroFranco25), Juan José Rodríguez-Juan (@JuanjoRjuan), Francisco Javier Toscano-Bendala (@pfjtoscano), Adrián Castaño Zambudio (@acastano149), Fernando Capelo-Ramírez (@Mr_Fascinado), Jorge Miguel González-Hernández (@jormigohe91WTF), and Víctor Cuadrado-Peñafiel.

Special Thanks to:

Pierre Samozino

Laboratory of Exercise Physiology, University of Savoie.

ResearchGate Profile

Jean-Benoît Morin

Laboratory of Human Motricity, Education Sport and Health, University of Nice.

ResearchGate Profile

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